It has been a good year at Period Garden Park, and it was near perfect “gardening weather” for most of the season. I hope many of you got a chance to see the highlights of our efforts, such as the tulips and daffodils in early Spring, followed by the peonies and roses of Summer. Alliums and Iris had their time, and many clematis vines have grown to full size, putting on a great show of blooms.

bonardi1Most of the garden is perennial, but there are a few spots of annual planting that are always in flower. I have a place where I grow four o’ clock seeds every year in remembrance of my Mother, as they were a great favorite of hers. The secret of four o’clocks isn’t their looks, which are sprawling and small bloomed, but it is the scent that comes after the sun declines and the flowers open to release the jasmine-like perfume. I take great delight to have these in the garden every year, a sort of constant experience that defies change.

bonardi2I love my neighborhood in the Mansion Hill district, living next to houses that have stood since Abraham Lincoln was president. For someone like me, who has always lived in older homes, find the downtown area offers many enjoyable ways of living. If you prefer a smaller scale of living, this can be found not only in the Mansion Hill district, but First Settlement, Bassett, James Madison Park, Williamson, and Atwood, to name few.

Most of these neighborhoods share one thing in common, and that is volunteer effort with the public spaces and parks. Each district has unique green spaces or gardens, with most maintenance done by caring neighbors. If you live in any of these areas, you can help by contributing your time, labor or donations keep our neighborhoods unique and attractive. A way to find out what you can do is by becoming a member of Capitol Neighborhoods Inc. For more Period Park information visit our website at

We at Period Garden Park can always use a helping hand. With so much changing all around us, help us preserve the beauty and character of our city. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation online through the CNI website or send a check made out to Capitol Neighborhoods Inc./Period Park and mail it to:
Capitol Neighborhoods Inc.
PO Box 2613
Madison, WI 53703

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