As part of its continuous efforts to improve safety, Metro has installed audible turn signals on buses.

When signaling a turn in traffic or pulling into a stop, buses make an audible chirp. These audible chirps are part of a number of safety improvements Metro has made throughout the past few years in response to serious accidents and near accidents that have occurred. It is also part of Metro’s new Safe Streets safety initiative which encourages everyone in the community to do their part and share the streets safely.

These chirps also alert people standing at stops that the bus is pulling in. This is to prevent those that might not be paying attention from stepping towards the bus or from being hit by mirrors while standing near the curb.

Audible turn signals are also in response to “close calls” Metro drivers frequently experience with pedestrians, bicyclists, and skate boarders.

Metro has seen these incidents increase through recent years as electronic distractions have become more of an issue.

Based on passenger feedback, driver comments, and feedback from the general public, sta experimented with the placement and volume of the chirps. Once a good combination was found, equipment was added to the rest of the Metro fleet.

Click here to provide feedback on audible turn signals. And click here for more information on the Safe Streets initiative.

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