Help us Imagine Madison! Over the last ten years, Madison has gained 30,000 new residents and is expected to add another 70,000 by 2040. Madison has a strong and growing economy, world class educational facilities, beautiful surroundings, and many recreational opportunities. As we become more racially and socioeconomically diverse, is everyone experiencing these advantages? How will Madison continue to change as it grows? The time has come to assess our progress since Madison’s Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2006. We need to reevaluate issues, revisit goals, and clarify our path forward, so the City of Madison has embarked on an update to its Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is a guiding document that provides the City with a rational basis for local decision making with a twenty-year vision. It acts as the central organizing plan for all other City plans, regulations, and initiatives, as well as acting as the guide for the City’s physical, social, and economic development. The Comprehensive Plan will drive both decision making and investment toward a healthier, more equitable and sustainable city.

We’re committed to make the Comprehensive Plan update public engagement process inclusive, relevant, transparent, flexible, and fun. Imagine Madison, which recently launched in early November, is the public engagement campaign to gather the opinions of all Madisonians. It’s designed to foster constructive conversations between members of the community and between individuals and the City of Madison in an equitable manner. As we engage in community conversations and update the Comprehensive Plan, will we discuss issues and identify goals and actions through the lenses of equity, health, sustainability, and adaptability. This input will be used to direct the Comprehensive Plan Update.

I encourage you to participate in imagining our shared future. For more information, visit You can follow the process on Facebook at or on Twitter @ImagineMsnWI.

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