Recently, Republicans in the State Legislature proposed to cut the services and offices of our local County Veterans service officers. This move is unconscionable. Our veterans deserve more than to have services cut.

Our Dane County Veterans Service Office works to assist veterans and their families with obtaining local, state and federal benefits. The office helps them discover the benefits to which they are entitled and assists them with the application process. The Dane County Veterans Service Office is committed to advocate for veterans, provide quality services and programs for them and their families.

The office does regular outreach to the VA hospital, Stoughton Senior Center, Colonial Club in Sun Prairie, Madison College and Oregon Senior Center. In 2015, Dane County Veterans Service Office co-hosted “Connecting Aging Veterans to Their Benefits” event, performed numerous benefit briefings and also staffed tables at a variety of local veteran-related events in Dane County. The Dane County Veterans Service office also has a social and digital media presence to reach out to more veterans.

Our Dane County Service Office also helps Vets sign up for “Vet’s Ride with Pride” which Dane County under my leadership has doubled funding for to ensure that veterans can get to doctors appointment, employment and other commitment. 4243 veterans walked through the doors of the Veterans Service Office in Dane County and received help, advocacy and a friendly face. They helped 70 veterans stay in their homes through eviction prevention. And they assisted 26 additional veterans with providing gas cards and grocery cards.

Our Dane County Veterans Service Office works hard to reach out to our community to make sure veterans have help getting through the red tape and receive the benefits they deserve. We must do all we can to make sure this legislation threatening our local Dane County Veterans Service Office does not pass the Republican State legislature.

At a time when our nation remains in conflict overseas, let’s make sure Wisconsin’s brave men and women have the services they need when they return home.

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