This fall I introduced my 2017 budget An Investment for Our Future . It makes unprecedented investments in compassionate services for our most vulnerable residents , infrastructure critical to continued economic vitality and safety, along with a quality of life that creates an environment where families and businesses can flourish.

This budget is a clear statement of the priority Dane County places on green energy – harnessing the power of the sun to run our facilities and capturing naturally occurring bio-gas, converting it into millions of dollars of revenue to sustain services – and mitigating and adapting to the challenges of a changing climate.

2017 will be Dane County’s cleanest, greenest budget ever. I am proposing more than $2 million in new solar development, more than doubling all of county government’s total solar energy production portfolio next year alone. While the state continues its inaction on climate change, Dane County will lead the way by creating an Office of Climate Change and Energy that will coordinate efforts across the county.

My Human Services budget totals over $294 million and includes new and expanded efforts to address barriers to our young people learning and their families succeeding. Together with Madison School District we are creating a fourth Mental Health Crisis Team for the school district to ensure all four high school attendance areas have dedicated groups of professionals focused on the needs of our young people.

The efforts this budget undertakes reflect the values we hold so dear. Good wages, educational achievement, reducing economic and racial disparities, improved mental health, cleaner waters and conservation, safer roads for both cars and bikes, and housing for those who have fallen on hard times.

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