By Joe Bonardi

Of the past nine years that I have volunteered renovating Period Garden Park, 110 East Gorham St., 2016 will always be a standout year, due to the great projects we accomplished. A city grant was granted to us to add a vintage-style park identity sign that was installed this spring next to the steps on Gorham St. Then, news of a generous gift to have the three-tiered cast iron fountain in the center of the park finally be fully operational to have running water and be lit at night came from the Parks Foundation. We learned that a dear neighbor and friend of the park had tragically died but wanted to donate as a last request to fund the project. Keith Kreps, formerly of East Gilman St., had given the funds necessary through the Parks Foundation to allow us to have the fountain be fully operational. The work was completed in late Spring, and the results are breathtaking! A large water feature is such a joy in any garden, but this one adds what now seems to have been missing for many years, as the original plan had included the idea of just such a fountain. The calming effect running water has is truly remarkable, and it adds to the beauty and tranquility of the three season’s floral display.

A wonderful dedication ceremony was held at the park on August 18th in the evening that was given by Keith’s wife, Wendy. It was a beautiful affair, and a very fitting acknowledgment of Keith’s generosity and his love of our neighborhood in the historic Mansion Hill district. A plaque near the fountain will remind future visitors and I hope his gift will last for many years to come.

A special thank you to Grant Frautschi, president of the Parks Foundation for his work with Wendy and myself to see the project completed. Please make the time to come and visit often and enjoy this wonderful gift.

The Period Park is almost completely funded by donations. You can make a donation on the Capitol Neighborhood’s website using a credit card or PayPal. Or send a check or money order made out to CNI – Period Garden Park and mail to

Capitol Neighborhoods Inc.
P.O. Box 2613
Madison WI 53701

Period Park is maintained by volunteer help. Contact Joe Bonardi on the Period Park website if you are interested in giving your time. Fall clean-up is coming soon, and we can use the extra hands.

A very heartfelt thank you to all who had given to the park this year!

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